‘Creating a better informed debate’

The Webb Memorial Trust has pursued the intellectual legacy of Beatrice Webb, who, together with her husband Sydney, embarked on a vigorous programme of social reform.

Since 1987 The Webb Memorial Trust has funded a range of projects in the UK, helping to create a better informed debate about poverty, its causes and solutions.


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Full list of publications produced and commissioned by the Webb Memorial Trust

Rethinking Poverty, the final publication from the Webb Memorial Trust, argues that to address poverty in the UK we need a new approach. This involves making the case for the society we want, not just describing the one we already have.

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Thought leader, economist and social reformer


Beatrice Webb  co-founded the London School of Economics, the New Statesman and was a central figure in the Fabian Society.

Learn more about the work of Beatrice Webb, one of Britain’s great diarists and architects of the welfare state.


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