Civil Society and Poverty: New Statesman Annual Supplement Launch – 6 May 2016

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Many of the actors that have the potential to address poverty are in serious retreat in 2014. Local authorities face year on year cuts and the voluntary sector is in survivalist mode.

There is broad cross party agreement that the state cannot do all the heavy lifting when it comes to reducing poverty. So what is the potential for civil society to step in to address the current absence of agency on the anti poverty agenda?

The Webb Memorial Trust will be launching its annual New Statesman anti-poverty supplement on May 6th 2014 when a new report into Civil Society and Poverty will be launched by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty.

If you would like further information about the report or the launch event please email Roxanne Mashari at

Posted on 04 Apr 2014   Categories: News & Events Related Tags: