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2017 Housing Perspectives Series

Housing, poverty and the good society – what can we achieve by 2025?

Perspectives and policy suggestions from leading opinion formers in the housing sector

Rethinking Poverty: The Animation

Please watch and share our Rethinking Poverty animation made with Cambridge FilmWorks #RethinkingPoverty     #GoodSociety BUY Rethinking Poverty from Policy Press for £7.99 DOWNLOAD Rethinking Poverty from OpenAccess READ an executive summary of Rethinking Poverty FOLLOW commentary...

Tags:  Rethinking Poverty  

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What would Beatrice Webb say now?

Georgia Smith, Communications Officer at Webb Memorial Trust, highlights the accomplishments of sociologist and social reformer Beatrice Webb and her influence on a forthcoming book, Rethinking Poverty International Women’s...

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New Statesman 2016 Supplement: If you don’t take action, who will? A Good Society Without Poverty

Whose responsibility is poverty? There is a growing consensus that current narratives around poverty have failed and that a new approach is needed to create a good society – one...

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Blog: Whose Responsibility is Poverty?

In October 2016 the New Statesman will publish its annual Webb Memorial Trust supplement. This year we explore the theme of agency; who has the understanding, responsibility, and power to bring about...

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Blog: Neil McInroy on Forging a Good Local Society

  For too long we have either turned a blind eye to poverty and disadvantage or hoped that a general rising tide of economic wealth would trickle down. The...

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Children’s Voices and Poverty

Barry Knight, Director of the Webb Memorial Trust, contributed a chapter to Effective Philanthropy: Another Take published in April 2016 by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace to coincide with...

Tags:  Barry Knight  Child Poverty  Children's Voices  North East  Poverty  Rys Farthing  

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Blog: What is the role of business in reducing poverty in the UK?

by Caroline Hartnell What is the role of business in reducing poverty? This was the question before a meeting hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty (APPG)...

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REPORT: Secure and Free

Secure & Free: 5+ steps to make the desirable, feasible Insecurity has become pervasive. It permeates the lives not just of the marginalised but also the reasonably well off. In/security is...

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The Language of Poverty: Workshop Report

The word ‘poverty’ features heavily in the lexicon of British politics. The Prime Minister has proposed an “all-out assault on poverty,” Labour MPs and peers recently campaigned hard to...

Tags:  Attitudes to Poverty  Barry Knight  Charities  Civil Society  Poverty  Society Without Poverty  Welfare State  

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Whose Land is it Anyway?

Richard Rawes, Chair of the Webb Memorial Trust, reflects on recent events at the Town and Country Planning Association, Institute of Economic Development and New Economics Foundation. The Trust...

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Business must spearhead action on decreasing in-work poverty

 A report launched today commissioned by the Webb Memorial Trust discusses how in-work poverty is the product of three variables: levels of pay, levels of in-work benefits, and the...

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Conference: ‘A Future Without Poverty’

Monday 2 March 2015, 10am-5pm | Hallam Conference Centre 44 Hallam Street, London, United Kingdom W1W 6JJ This conference, jointly organised by the Fabian Society and Bright Blue in partnership with the Webb Memorial Trust,...

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Paul Goggins Memorial Prize Winner: The Whitefoot and Downham Community Food + Project

In spring 2014 the Webb Memorial Trust launched the Paul Goggins Memorial Prize. Paul Goggins MP was the Secretary of the APPG Poverty and a champion of the anti-poverty agenda in...

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New APPG Poverty report into Civil Society and Poverty

The APPG Poverty, Webb Memorial Trust and The New Statesman hosted an event in the House of Commons on 6th May to launch a new report into Civil Society and Poverty with...

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The High Cost of High Pay

High Pay Centre analysis shows hidden cost of big pay differentials within organisations Workplaces with big pay gaps between the highest and lowest wage earners suffer more industrial disputes,...

Tags:  Business and Poverty  Deborah Hargreaves  High Pay Centre  In Work Poverty  Pay Ratios  

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The January Declaration – a better deal for the North East two years on

Peter Hetherington examines outcomes from a recent anti-poverty conference in Newcastle co-organised by the Webb Memorial Trust.

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The Solidarity Society

The Solidarity Society sets out a strategy for tackling poverty in Britainover the coming decades. It is the final report of a major Fabian Society research project, supported by...

Tags:  Attitudes to Poverty  Fabian Society  Minority Report  Public Policy  Society Without Poverty  

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