The Society We Want

What does a society without poverty look like? Answers are drawn from population studies, a manifesto created by children and young people and Webb Memorial Trust-commissioned research projects.

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New e-book: Housing, poverty and the good society: what can we achieve by 2025?

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, which was heavily influenced by Beatrice and Sidney Webb’s research on social reform. The report offered a post-war strategy for...

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Social Housing and the Good Society

Social Housing and the Good Society: Policy Futures Report This is a the final report for the Webb Memorial Trust by the University of Birmingham’s Housing and Communities Research Group exploring change in...

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New Statesman 2016 Supplement: If you don’t take action, who will? A Good Society Without Poverty

Whose responsibility is poverty? There is a growing consensus that current narratives around poverty have failed and that a new approach is needed to create a good society – one...

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Forging a Good Local Society: Tackling Poverty Through a Local Economic Reset

How do we tackle poverty and create social justice? What does the localisation of powers mean for reducing UK poverty? Do we continue to rely on the trickle down of...

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Secure and Free

Insecurity has become pervasive. It permeates the lives not just of the marginalised but also the reasonably well off. In/security is not simply the latest political fad restricted to the chattering classes,...

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New Statesman 2015 Supplement: Business and Poverty

Should business play a role in addressing poverty in the UK? Who should solve the problem of poverty in the UK? This is a central question posed by the Webb...

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The planning system was invented to help provide a good home, for everyone, in a healthy, thriving place. But in the last few decades something has gone badly wrong. Instead...

Tags:  Housing  Planning  planning4people  TCPA  

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Round the Clock: In-work poverty and the hours question

Low-paid parents can be helped to overcome the greater barriers they face in striking the right balance for their families between work and parenting through better childcare support, more responsive...

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The Society We Want

Research commissioned by the Webb Memorial Trust by leading pollster YouGov on attitudes to poverty in the UK has shown the qualities that people most treasured were social ones...

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Something’s Not Right: Insecurity and an Anxious Nation

Britain has become a ‘5-75-20 society’   Download Something’s Not Right: insecurity and an anxious nation here   A major new report from Compass commissioned by the Webb Memorial Trust analyses the precarious, insecure and anxious...

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Decent Childhoods – Reframing the fight to end child poverty

Decent Childhoods: reframing the fight to end child poverty comes out of a lengthy process of discussion and research. I chaired the original seminar in February 2011 when Kate...

Tags:  Child Poverty  Children's Voices  Kate Green MP  

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Press Release: Civil society and Poverty

Press release May 2014 to accompany New Statesman/Webb Memorial Trust supplement and launch of APPG Poverty report into civil society and poverty

Tags:  Civil Society  New Statesman  Press Release  

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New Statesman 2014 Supplement: Civil Society and Poverty

Read the latest New Statesman supplement from the Webb Memorial Trust on the role of civil society in tackling poverty

Tags:  Big Society  Civil Society  New Statesman  

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Civil Society and Poverty

Report undertaken by Edge Hill University commissioned by the APPG Poverty and Webb Memorial Trust examining the role of civil society in tackling poverty

Tags:  Charities  Civil Society  Fairness Commissions  

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Minority Report

A landmark in English social thought Twentieth-century Britain saw two great periods of social reform, in the decades 1905- 14 and 1940-50, when intellectual and political leadership came together...

Tags:  Attitudes to Poverty  Beatrice Webb  Minority Report  Poor Laws  Welfare State  Workhouse  

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Just Deserts

Poverty and income inequality: can workplace democracy make a difference? Executive Summary Workplace democracy and the structure of the UK’s labour market Profound structural weaknesses in the UK labour...

Tags:  In Work Poverty  Labour Market  Living Standards  Smith Institute  Workplace Democracy  

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A Minority View: What Beatrice Webb would say now

Despite efforts over many years, poverty remains a stain on our society. We asked some of Britain’s best‑known commentators to say what should be done to address it. A...

Tags:  Attitudes to Poverty  Barry Knight  Beatrice Webb  Minority Report  

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Beatrice Webb – Her Quest For A Fairer Society

A landmark in English social thought Twentieth-century Britain saw two great periods of social reform, in the decades 1905-14 and 1940-50, when intellectual and political leadership came together to...

Tags:  Attitudes to Poverty  Beatrice Webb  Minority Report  Smith Institute  

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From The Poor Law To Welfare To Work

What have we learned from a century of anti-poverty policies? Foreword Paul Hackett, Director of the Smith Institute and Richard Rawes, Chair of the Webb Memorial Trust “It is...

Tags:  Poverty  Pre-Distribution  Public Policy  Smith Institute  

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Fabian Society: In The Mix

Narrowing the gap between public and private housing. The Fabian Society is Britain’s leading left of centre think tank and political society, committed to creating the political ideas and policy debates...

Tags:  Fabian Society  Housing  Living Standards  

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Jan Declaration 4th December Background

This paper has been prepared for a meeting at the Centre for Life on 4th December 2012. The paper gives findings from discussions with supporters of the 'January Declaration'....

Tags:  Civil Society  January Declaration  North East  

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New Statesman Supplement: Busting the Poverty Myths

The Webb Memorial Trust is interested to hear your views on the issues covered in this supplement. You may agree with our contributors or you may disagree. You may...

Tags:  Centre for Social Justice  New Statesman  Poverty Myths  Statistics  

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Tackling poverty and inequality

What would Beatrice Webb say about poverty in the UK today? The problem of social policy is not a new one. Indeed, it is education on this very subject that...

Tags:  Beatrice Webb  New Statesman  

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Young People’s Thoughts on Child Poverty Policy

The Child Poverty Act committed the Government to ending child poverty by 2020, and producing an evolving child poverty strategy to signpost the way. While such an important strategy...

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The High Cost of High Pay

High Pay Centre analysis shows hidden cost of big pay differentials within organisations Workplaces with big pay gaps between the highest and lowest wage earners suffer more industrial disputes,...

Tags:  Business and Poverty  Deborah Hargreaves  High Pay Centre  In Work Poverty  Pay Ratios  

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From Workhouse to Welfare

From the Workhouse to Welfare: What Beatrice Webb’s 1909 Minority Report can teach us today is a collection of essays commissioned by the Fabian Society to commemorate this moment and...

Tags:  Attitudes to Poverty  Beatrice Webb  Fabian Society  Feminism  Minority Report  Poor Laws  

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Beveridge at 70

The Beveridge report was published at the high-watermark of British solidarity. In December 1942, its bold social principles – of universal coverage, full employment, family allowances, benefits in return...

Tags:  Attitudes to Poverty  Beveridge  Fabian Society  Poor Law  Welfare  

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The Solidarity Society

The Solidarity Society sets out a strategy for tackling poverty in Britainover the coming decades. It is the final report of a major Fabian Society research project, supported by...

Tags:  Attitudes to Poverty  Fabian Society  Minority Report  Public Policy  Society Without Poverty  

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