Rethinking Poverty: What Makes a Good Society?

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We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and questions on Rethinking Poverty

The book is a summary of the work of the Webb Memorial Trust over the past five years. The book is available from Policy Press for £7.99.  Alternatively, you can read an online version here for free by clicking the download button below.

Download Rethinking Poverty

Rather than presenting a set of fully developed messages that we want people to go away and implement, the book produces new ideas and raises a series of questions that warrant further discussion.

Seen in this light, reviews will be above all about helping to trigger this discussion. They will be published on this discussion forum, hosted here on the Trust’s website.

We don’t want to be too prescriptive about what you should cover in your review or how you cover it. We’d rather leave it open to you to comment on the book from any angle that interests you, and if your comments are provocative, so much the better. If you are constrained for time, we’d be happy for you to review/comment on a section of the book that particularly interests you rather than the whole thing.

The discussions will be curated by Caroline Hartnell, an experienced editor who will work with potential contributors.  To discuss a review, please write to Caroline at


Posted on 11 Sep 2017   Categories: Rethinking Poverty Related Tags: