The All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty


‘To increase understanding of poverty among parliamentarians and to seek all party solutions, while drawing on a range of outside people and knowledge.’

Main activities

In 2016/17, we will have three main work streams:

  1. Working with Business – a continuation of our previous work examining the role and responsibility of business in reducing poverty
  2. The Poverty Premium – practical responses to the dilemma that people living in poverty pay more for essential goods and services
  3. Housing – an exploration of the connection between housing circumstances and the experience of poverty

Organisation of the work

Officers of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty direct our programme.  The Webb Memorial Trust offers staff and financial support to cover some of the group’s activities. Quarterly meetings are held between the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty and the Webb Memorial Trust to review progress and plan activities.

Members of the APPG on Poverty


  • David Burrowes MP – Member
  • Jack Dromey MP – Member
  • Chris Green MP – Member
  • Kate Green MP – Member
  • Alan Mak MP – Member
  • Earl of Listowel – Member
  • Tommy Sheppard MP – Member
  • Baroness Maeve Sherlock – Member
  • Corri Wilson MP – Member
  • Daniel Zeichner MP – Member

Website and Twitter:

twitter_icon_top @APPGPoverty